Our Massimo Barbieri spoke on Saturday, together with Pietro Nicastro, at the important 2018 Catering conference to talk about the development of Löwengrube, which continues to arouse great interest among investors and professionals in the modern catering sector. Catering is the exhibition-conference, promoted by Edifis Spa and Ristorando, which collects in Milan every two years, at the Palazzo Le Stelline, the gastronomy of all aspects, from the collective to the commercial, passing through the food equipment.

Barbieri brought the Löwengrube experience into the round table on the theme of the boom in restaurant activities in shopping centers.

Massimo Barbieri – Löwengrube (courtesy photo by RISTORANDO – Edifis S.p.A.)

Ristorazione 2018 – the relators
The presentation of the Löwengrube project