Löwengrube, the meeting point made for everyone: a comfortable environment, open until late, a place with a rich menu, typical Bavarian specialities and classic dishes from Italian and international cuisine, as well as a vast selection of authentic beers from Bavaria. A unique atmosphere with lots of ways to have fun and enjoy yourself.

A world that’s constantly being updated, in the non-stop search for new suppliers and products. With regular updates, even in the image, and a visual communication that is always created ad hoc.

Löwengrube guarantees:

• standardisation of processes to streamline work flow from the dining room to the kitchen and to optimise the rotation of tables;
• reliable and trustworthy partners and suppliers, quality ingredients and the latest machinery;
• vegetarian dishes;
• a gluten-free menu.


From the traditional pork shank to the most international burgers, prepared with meat coming from selected farms and butchered with artisan techniques.


A franchising success

184.356 litres of beer poured
More than 50 positive reviews every week
9 satisfied franchisees



This is what our franchisees say about us:

G. BECHINI Lucca franchisee

I think I've got everything that I've ever looked for. When a satisfied customer thanks me and pays his bill with a smile on his lips, I have an immediate confirmation of what a great job my staff have done. It's hugely gratifying! I manage many tables and every evening I go home more than satisfied, both from a human point of view but also from an economic one.

R. ARTHEMALLE Castellanza franchisee

I knew Löwengrube while I was visiting the Franchising Show. I immediately noticed the stand because it emerged compared to all the others and I understood that it was something new compared to what has already been seen in the catering world, not only as an image but also as a food proposal. It is a winning format, certainly very characterized, which makes the customer experience a 360 ° experience in the world of Bavaria.


Ideal location: a recently built construction with a minimum area of 500 square metres, close to urban centres or on roads with high flow density, with ample parking and space for outdoor dining.
Experience: no previous experience in the food service industry is needed.


Innovative format suited to everyone, from groups of friends to families.
Standardised, highly efficient management processes, from the kitchen to the dining room.
Löwen-Kinder, the children's area with playthings that follow the Montessori educational method.
Children's menu.
Centralised logistics.
Contained food cost (less than 27%).
Take Away menu with environmentally-friendly, customised packaging.
Complete staff training (over 100 hours).
Post-opening assistance by head office staff.

TECHNICAL SHEET - Löwengrube Franchising

Franchising sales points in Italy13
Personnel cost30%
Average number of staff per sales point20/25
Average sales point surface areaStarting from 500 square metres with the option of setting up outdoor spaces
Best locationAreas with heavy foot traffic and/or vehicle traffic
Market sizeOver 50,000 inhabitants
Initial investment1,000 €/square metre
Easy payment termsYes
Supply of furniture and equipmentYes
Entry fee€ 35.000
Periodic fees5% Royalties
Exclusive areaYes
Marketing contribution2% Marketing Contribution
Average turnover€ 1.550.00,00 (on lunch and dinner)
ExperienceNot needed
TrainingUp to 2 months for the manager and the director, 15 days for an operator.
On-site assistance during the opening phase2/3 tutors to assist in the operating unit's start-up (30 days)
Assistance for the duration of the contractYes
Contract duration(9+6) years


Timing and steps to opening your Löwengrube:

Informazioni generali

Informazioni personali

Esperienze professionali

Finanze personali



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